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We are here to help.  If you cant find the answer to your question you can email us or why not use the WhatsApp  button.

We are a Camping Club where we hold camping weekends at campsites around the UK. We are trying to get people back together again.

There is a £30 yearly membership fee to join the club. This helps us put on games and activities during the weekends. We also have prizes we give out for things like best fancy dress. 

Please log in and check your account as your membership may not be active or may have expired. You can renew membership from your account which will then unlock areas so you can book events.

When you have paid for your tickets we will email you a QR code. Present this at the event and we can scan it and validate it. 

Can't find what you need?

You can always drop us an email or why not use the WhatsApp button and chat with us to find out what you need.